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    Head-hunting & Job Placement Services in Asia

  • About us


    We are a China registered company.


    If you are a company, we offer you:

    Head-hunting services across the world (focuses on AI, Internet and business-related)


    If you are a job seeker, we offer you:

    Job Placement Service in Asia (Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, Singapore and so on)


  • We Offer Services in



    marketing, finance, pr, hr, strategy...


    AI, mechenical, software


    teaching, tutoring...


    Hospitality, travel, events...


    arts, media, design...

  • Current Job Offers from Partners

    Please note this is only part of our whole list

    E-Commerce Operator

    Shenzhen, China

    KA Director

    Seattle, USA

    HR Manager

    Dubai, UAE

    Game Localisation

    Shanghai, China

    Furniture Designer

    Hangzhou, China

    Full-time Job Placement Service

    If you are looking for an opportunity in a specific industry or location, contact us to design a customerized job placement service.



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